Starting a lottery business
isn’t the biggest challenge.


Investors around the world are looking for a turnkey IT solution so they can start a lottery business and watch the profits roll in. But successful operators know that’s not how it works. The biggest challenge isn’t finding the right lottery platform to help you launch —
It’s finding the right solution to help you grow.


Lots of vendors have "startup" features...

From iLottery to mobile, retail and more — there are plenty of software solutions to start your lottery business.

But as you grow, so do your needs...

More players. More competition. More IT demands. In order to grow, your lottery platform must constantly evolve.



And their technology can't keep up...

When rigid platforms and sluggish vendors don't keep up with your technology needs – your lottery business can't evolve. It can't grow. It can't survive.


Once you’re in a lengthy contract with a vendor, there’s no easy way out. Switching is slow, expensive and full of unknowns. Stay, and you’ll keep waiting endlessly for feature requests, technical support and other critical issues that put your entire business at risk.

What can you do?

Before you choose a lottery software platform for its features alone. Before you decide on the cheapest solution. Before you’re stuck in a contract with the wrong vendor ... consider your options carefully.


Low-Cost Vendors?

Expect a rigid platform with limited support, innovation, risk protection or growth potential.


The "Big" Guys?

Big gaming corporations cater to big clients. And even compete against you with their own lotteries!


Build it Yourself?

You'll spend all of your time and budget on technology, instead of growing your lottery business.

The right lottery platform provider won't just help start your business. They'll help you grow it.


There's a better way.

Don't just start a lottery business.
Take it from launch to longevity.