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Choosing the Best Platform for Starting a Lottery Business Online

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by 4 Leaf Lotto / Jan 24, 2022

As an entrepreneur  starting a lottery online, you’re going to need a gaming platform to host and manage most of your business functions. This includes the games and features players will interact with, as well all back-office operations, integrations and other lottery management needs. In fact, choosing the right lottery platform is one of the most important business decisions you will make.

This raises several questions: What does lottery management software do? Should you try to develop your own platform? What features are essential? How much will it all cost?

In this article, we’ll answer these questions and more, so you can find the best online lottery platform for your needs—and set your new lottery business up for success from the start.


The Ultimate Guide to Starting a Profitable Lottery Business


What is an Online Lottery Platform?

An online lottery business—also known as iLottery—can take many forms. Examples of iLottery businesses include games accessed via a website on desktop or laptop computers, lotteries played on a mobile website or app, or through text-based messaging using SMS or USSD. The best lottery management software will enable you to acquire players on all channels, so your business is never held back by technology limitations.

Another way to think of an online lottery is one that serves customers outside of brick-and-mortar retail stores. Third-party agent systems in a retail setting, kiosks, and other physical terminals that print tickets are not usually considered iLotteries. 

Whether your lottery business will serve customers through a single channel or build an audience across multiple channels, you’ll want to prioritize an online lottery management platform that is:

  • Extensible – Quickly and easily integrates new games and features.
  • Scalable – Will solve evolving technology needs as you grow.
  • Secure – Protects player accounts and other sensitive data.

In other words, don’t just look for the features you need today. Consider future opportunities, goals, and challenges, so you can choose a platform that will help your business tackle all four stages of lottery growth.


How Will Customers Access Your Online Lottery?

Understanding your audience’s online behavior is crucial to the development of a successful iLottery business. For example, in regions with poor internet service or limited access to smartphones, USSD may be more effective than a mobile app. In other parts of the world, you’ll want to be sure players can access games easily on desktop and mobile devices. Accessibility, ease of use, and a consistent experience are essential to growing your customer base.


What Kind of Lottery Platform Features Do You Need to Start a Business Online?

After your online lottery is launched, it will need to remain competitive in order to avoid common issues that lead to failure. Prioritize a platform provider with the following capabilities:


Deliver a consistent lottery experience anywhere, from mobile devices to desktop computers.

  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Laptops
  • USSD

Custom development 

Innovate quickly and easily, so you can always be first to market with the new features, options and customized games your customers want.

  • New exclusive games
  • Numerous draw types
  • Custom betting options
  • Integrate 3rd party games
  • Lottery syndicates
  • And more

Back Office IT

Manage games, features, personnel, players, vendors and more. Leverage business intelligence and have complete visibility into your lottery operations.

  • Game and draw management
  • Player management
  • Vendor management
  • Data management
  • Real-time reporting
  • Scheduled and triggered alerts

Sales & Promotion

Management of payment processors and promotions.

  • Manage payment options
  • Seamless customer wallet
  • Integration with CMS and marketing systems
  • Track affiliates and referrals
  • Loyalty & rewards programs


In addition to these key platform features, you’ll also want to consider data security, compliance with responsible gaming regulations, KYC (Know Your Customer), and more. Review a comprehensive list of online lottery platform features.


Who Provides Online Lottery Platforms?

Online companies who provide lottery platforms are called “lottery platform providers.” These companies not only have the programming expertise to develop the platform itself and keep it updated, but they often own or lease the infrastructure needed to host the platform. Lottery platform providers understand niche markets and can be valuable sources of information to help you form a lottery business plan and answer the most important questions to ask when starting a lottery business.  


Developing Lottery Management Software From Scratch

Developing lottery management software from scratch requires extensive programming expertise and a long timeline. Even with a team of developers, the cost to build a custom platform can easily exceed that of a pre-built solution.

Other important considerations include platform updates, data security, staffing, servers and other infrastructure, which all have to be developed and managed internally.

For most lottery operators, their time (and budget) is better spent focusing on sales and marketing. The extra burden of software development and IT management can be a major distraction from the primary objectives of a new lottery business—a quick, profitable launch and player acquisition.


Final Thoughts on Choosing an Online Lottery Platform

The online lottery industry is a highly competitive business. A successful launch is crucial to making the best impression in a new market and creating a foundation for long-term growth. The right lottery management platform—and the right provider—will tailor a technology solution that streamlines your launch and solves evolving needs as your business grows.

Needless to say, finding the right lottery solution is a critical step. Our advice? Don’t just get a software demo. Schedule an introduction to 4 Leaf Lotto and get a free lottery growth plan customized to your needs.


The Ultimate Guide to Starting a Profitable Lottery Business



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