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How to Pick the Best Lottery Game Software for Your Online Business

4 Leaf Lotto
by 4 Leaf Lotto / Jun 13, 2022

As a business operator looking to start your own lottery, you have many online gaming options to consider. You can custom design your own one-of-a-kind lottery game, choose from white label lottery software programs that are ready to play, and many other online possibilities. When choosing the best lottery game software for your business, ask yourself:

What game types are popular in my region?

How many lottery games will I offer?

How often will I add new games to my lottery platform?

What  lottery management features do I need for my platform?

In this article, you’ll learn how different online platforms provide a variety of options for lottery games and other management needs. Get ready to narrow down your search for the best lottery game software for your online gaming business.


The Ultimate Guide to Starting a Profitable Lottery Business


Different Types of Lottery Software

Different lottery platform providers will offer different types of lottery games and features. Whether your lottery business plan includes basic, pre-built games, custom-designed games, or access to major lotteries around the world, you’ll need a platform that can deliver them to your customers.

Experienced operators often look for lottery gaming software that provides the most flexibility. The online gaming industry is growing fast, player preferences are constantly evolving, and lottery businesses must adapt with new games and features quickly. 

Here is a brief overview of lottery game software options to consider:

1. Create-Your-Own Custom Game Design

Operators with custom development resources can design their own lottery games—typically as a website or mobile app—that are completely unique. Starting a lottery business with your own game design has many advantages. Your game will stand out against the competition and will not be easy for other lottery platforms to copy. You’ll also be able to decide exactly which features and functionality to include.

Despite its advantages, however, custom lottery game software is slow and expensive to develop. On top of that, the job is never done. You’ll be responsible for troubleshooting, testing, maintaining, and updating on an ongoing basis. You will also be 100% responsible for hardware, server, staffing, and other IT needs.


2. White Label Lottery Software

At the other end of the spectrum, white label lottery software provides your online business with pre-built games. White label lottery software is ready-to-use and can be a good fit for operators in need of a quick launch with limited resources. In most cases, you won’t even need to obtain a gaming license, as you will be operating under the license of a white label provider.

These benefits do come at a cost, however. With a white label lotto solution, you’ll give up the flexibility that comes with other game software providers. You may only have access to a few games, and will only be able to differentiate by adding your logo and colors. Competitors in your market—often including your provider—will be offering the same games to the same customers. Finally, you may not be as profitable with a white label lottery solution, as these providers are known for keeping the bulk of the gaming revenue.


3. Selling Tickets to Other Lottos

Instead of creating your own lottery games from scratch, or being limited by a white label lotto solution, why not sell tickets to the biggest lottery games around the world? Many operators enjoy success with lottery “messenger” services that allow customers to play Powerball, Mega Millions, and other popular lottery games. 

While you won’t be running your own lottery, you’ll operate as a concierge, purchasing tickets on others’ behalf and earning a commission on the sales. This can be an easy entry point for entrepreneurs with limited resources and can still include many different ways to play—including lottery syndicates and subscription-based lotteries. If the messenger model is right for you, look for lottery game software that offers this option.


4. Betting on Other Lotteries

This is where your lottery gaming platform allows players to just bet on the results of other lotteries. Your platform provides a feed with the winning numbers from other lotteries on display for your customers, and includes fixed-odds betting,  jackpot drawings, syndicates, 2-, 3-, or 4-ball games, and more. Your lottery business still needs a website and, even if you are strictly betting on outcomes, you’ll still need to obtain a gaming license.


Other Lottery Software Features: Management & More

While lottery games are the main attraction for players, a lottery business won’t be successful without the ability to manage and report on many other aspects of its operations. A complete lottery game software solution will also include lottery management tools for player accounts, staffing, vendors, sales, marketing, security, compliance and integrations with third-party systems. There is no need for costly custom development to have all of these management capabilities at your fingertips. Nor is there a need to rely on spreadsheets and other manual tools. 


The Complete Solution: Lottery Game & Management Software

If you are starting a lottery business on a tight budget with a short-term plan, an off-the-shelf solution like white label lottery software might be worth considering. For those looking to  grow a profitable lottery business, however, a full-service lottery platform provider may be the best option.

To continuously acquire and retain customers, you’ll need to continuously innovate. That means adding new games, features, integrations, rewards programs, payment options, and more. It’s never been easier to start a lottery business—but the gaming industry is also more competitive than ever. Those who don’t continuously evolve, will quickly learn why lottery businesses fail.

The secret to evolving with the market goes beyond software alone. The team behind the technology matters just as much. A lottery platform provider is responsible for developing and maintaining all of the tools at your disposal—and a commitment to continuous innovation is essential.

When choosing a provider, do your homework and don’t just settle for a software demo. Instead, get a free, customized lottery growth plan that maps your lottery business’ needs from launch through all the stages of lottery growth. Schedule your introduction with 4 Leaf Lotto today and set your lottery business up to win from the start.


The Ultimate Guide to Starting a Profitable Lottery Business


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